Kauri Residences has been thoughtfully designed with the environment, energy efficiency and well-being of residents front of mind.

Apartment living is inherently a more environmentally sustainable way of living.

Apartment dwellers enjoy the benefits of reduced energy for heating by decreasing the ratio of external wall/roof surface to floor area.

As Auckland shifts to a more dense living lifestyle, our reliance on extending the city's boundaries into greenfield sites reduces, building materials required per residence become significantly less, and public transport becomes more viable.


Location & Orientation

Kauri Residences has been designed and oriented to take advantage of solar gain throughout the day to minimise the heating requirements of residents. Apartments are either east, north or west-facing, with corner apartments enjoying the sun from multiple outlooks.

Shading & Glazing

Living room glazing is set back below deck overhangs to allow shade on the glass and reduce overheating in summer when the sun is high in the sky but allows winter sun deep into spaces when the sun is low. Full height glass is used throughout to connect residents with the outdoor environment and the fantastic views and allow natural light deep into internal spaces, reducing the reliance on artificial lighting.


Hard-wearing, low-maintenance materials are used throughout, including brick, concrete, and steel. Concrete external and internal tenancy walls have a high thermal mass which aids in regulating the interior temperature throughout the year. Materials with a high thermal mass absorb heat when warm and release it at night when the internal temperature cools.


All apartments will be well insulated to exceed the minimum requirements of the building code from both a thermal and acoustic point of view.

Energy efficiency

Kauri Apartments feature high quality, low energy LED lighting throughout, and high-efficiency heat pumps are installed in each apartment. These elements aid to lower the overall energy consumption and CO2 output of the building.


Vertical gardens between the east and west wings will absorb CO2, provide shade to the external breezeways, and add natural beauty. Level 1 apartments facing east and west have exterior landscaped courtyards, and the penthouses terraces feature planting around their perimeter.

EV Charging

A shared space in the ground floor garage with an 22kW EV charger is available to all residents to top up their electric vehicles (after hours only). Don't own an EV yet? This smart charger uses RFID tags to allocate costs to individual apartments, so you only pay for the power that you use.


Amid Auckland's growing cycling culture, both for commuting and lifestyle, having somewhere secure and convenient for residents to store their bikes is a must. Kauri Residences is bicycle-friendly, with a secure bicycle room on the ground floor level, complete with power for E-bike charging.

Public transport

Reducing dependence on private cars is a valuable component to reduce our impact on the environment. Kauri Residences is just a minute's walk from the bus stop, easily connecting residents to Takapuna and the CBD without relying on private cars.

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